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Drain Detectives LLC has provided plumbing services to the Salt Lake City and surrounding area for many years. Over these years, we have always maintained that exceptional customer service, reasonable prices, and quality products is the reason for our growth and success. We are a dedicated team who takes extreme pride in our work and genuine concern for our customers.

We are serious about serving our customers well! You can rest assured that our team meets a very high standard of employee integrity and trustworthiness. We work to exceed our customers expectations by being available, responsive, fair priced, and above all…quality work and products. Basically, we appreciate our customers and understand that calling a plumber is usually not anticipated so we work hard to make the experience friendly, efficient, and affordable.

After all, the best customer is the one that calls again!

Drain Detectives LLC is committed to providing honest and reliable plumbers West Valley City plumbers services to residents of Salt Lake City. We have a team of highly skilled technicians and professional plumbers who have years of knowledge and expertise in resolving the most complex plumbing issues in residential and commercial buildings. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing all of our clients with the best possible services, excellent workmanship and affordable prices. We are the specialists and we do the job right!

Experienced West Valley City Plumbers

Needless to say, you would not want incompetent people doing a sloppy job with your plumbing, which is often the case when you hire plumbers that do not have the required experience in delivering quality plumbing services that will last. Drain Detective LLC is on a quest to rid homeowners and business owners from inept and unskilled plumbers who should not be anywhere near a pipe wrench. We are committed to the cause and are here to bring change by providing exceptional plumbing services one home at a time.

Simple and Effective Solutions

We are your go-to solution for just about any problem with the piping of your home. Backed by an experienced and certified team of professionals, we are able to provide simple, yet effective plumbing solutions for homes and commercial West Valley Plumbers woes. No matter how large or small the plumbing requirement, we can deliver the highest level of quality with our plumbing services by solving your plumbing problem quickly and efficiently. It’s no surprise that many of our customers are from referrals. That’s because we always exceed expectations by completing repairs within the least amount of time at affordable prices.

An Honest and Friendly Service

When you are doing business with the Drain Detectives LLC, you can rest assured that you are going to get an unforgettable service experience. The answer for that is simple. It’s because we love what we do, unlike other plumbing services that do it just for the money. The experienced plumbers we have in our team simply love what they do, because they do it well. It’s easy to love something when you’re good at it. At the Drain Detectives LLC, you can always expect to get an experienced plumber who is courteous and patient, and will deliver in spades when it comes to fixing that problem as a West Valley City plumbers.

24/7 Service

Drain Detectives LLC is open 24/7. This means that when the kitchen drain clogs or the shower breaks, you won’t have to wait till the morning to have someone come by and fix your problem. Our plumbing experts will be on the jog whenever you need it. There’s no plumbing problem that’s too complex for us to handle, because we have seen them all. That’s why whenever you call for our plumbing service, we will be there on time and ready. Even if you aren’t sure of the plumbing problem, it doesn’t take time for our plumbing experts to find the culprit and provide an instant and effective solution that will fix your problem for good. Whatever your plumbing needs may be, we are fully equipped to handle any plumbing emergency. We also offer complete 24/7 support once the job’s done as your West Valley City Plumbers.

Monthly and Yearly Maintenance Services

You don’t need to wait for gurgling pipes and the water to roll down the stairs to get hold of West Valley City plumbers. The smart ones always make sure that all of their pipes and drains are kept well maintained so that they are able to perform at optimal levels throughout the year, and don’t surprise you in the middle of the night with strange smells and creaky noises (those belong in a haunted mansion). By getting all of the pipes of your home checked out regularly, you can ensure that there aren’t going to be any unexpected surprises for you and your family. The Drain Detectives LLC will check your kitchen and bathrooms, and drains to find which pipes have a greater chance of surprising you when you least expect it. A regular check every few months by our experienced plumbers will significantly help reduce future risk and further costs in repairing services. So, before your bathroom becomes a battlefield of stuff from the toilet that you do not want to deal with, it would be wise to call us and have our experienced team make sure the drains and pipes in your home continue to run smoothly.

Affordable Prices

We take great pride at the high level of plumbing services we are able to deliver to our customers. With years of experience in the field of plumbing, and expertise with various complex West Valley City plumbers jobs, we are in the best position to provide affordable plumbing services to all residents of Salt Lake City. Just because our plumbing services are surprisingly affordable does not mean we skimp on quality. All of our customers can rest assured that they are going to avail the best plumbing services in the city. We use years of expertise with the latest plumbing tools and techniques to ensure all of our customers are able to get the best service possible. Once our work is done, you won’t be wondering where your money went, because we are able to deliver reliable plumbing services, with upfront pricing. So, there are no surprises once you get the bill.

Discounts and Special Offers

As the plumbing specialists at Salt Lake City, we value our customers and what better way to show our appreciation for our customers then by providing them with amazing discounts and various packages for our plumbing service. As professional plumbers, we aim to provide our clients with unmatched plumbing services that they can count on. Information on our various packages and discounts is always available on our website, which we keep updating, so be sure to visit our website frequently to avail the many discounts we offer.

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  • Providing plumbing services to Salt Lake City and surrounding area for many years. Always maintained exceptional customer service, reasonable prices, quality...

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